Study seeks smokers who gave up ‘cold turkey’

PEOPLE who have given up smoking ‘‘cold turkey’’ in Blacktown are wanted by University of Sydney researchers as part of a study on the most successful quit methods.
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Study leader Simon Chapman said his team would interview them to find out how they successfully quit smoking.

He said there was a huge level of research ignorance that most ex-smokers quit without drugs or professional help.

In a recent paper published in the journal, Tobacco Control, Professor Chapman and collaborator Melanie Wakefield argued that most people manage to give up by themselves, without the use of ‘‘clean nicotine’’ methods, such as patches.

Professor Chapman said those insisting that non-combusted nicotine should be an essential accompaniment to mass cessation had either forgotten, or were ignorant of, the history of how this massive phenomenon occurred for 25 years.

“In the 50 years since the 20th century’s smoking epidemic began to decline from the beginning of the 1960s, hundreds of millions of smokers around the world have stopped smoking permanently,’’ he said.

Those wishing to help can register for the study by phoning 93517789.

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