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Dear editor,
Nanjing Night Net

I count myself as a fairly tolerantindividual and my line of work has taught me that treating everyone I meet withfairness is the way to go. However I find myself unable to contain my disgustat the Zanetti cartoon in Friday’s Yass Tribune.

I believe any journalist or commentatorwho tries to link the Anzac story to modern life is treading in a minefieldstrewn with the debris of some very serious miscalculations.

Linking Anzacs to border security is avery long stretch, in my opinion, as they fought in a place very far from homeand the strategic purpose of that conflict had little relevance to our ownnational borders.

At best the cartoon makes a veryquestionable statement about the arrival of asylum seekers by portraying anethnically stereotyped individual sneaking off a boat. Are you implying byincluding this cartoon, as Tony Abbott did with his ill-fated sign in WA thisweek, that asylum seekers are actually illegal?

The current LNP federal opposition hasnot been corrected in the mainstream press regarding this misrepresentation andit seems your newspaper is not going to do it either.

We have been treated to editorialopinion in recent times about balanced reporting and I suppose this cartoon isrepresentative of one side of an argument but I believe you also have aresponsibility to present the truth and this effort fails miserably.

However people may view the arrival ofpeople from other countries who are seeking a better life in a prosperouscountry, international law protects the rights of them to do so and does notregard them as criminals. In law they are within their rights to come hereregardless of what individuals here may think.

Perhaps Zanetti should have placed hissubjects in an airport where vastly more people enter the country and simplyfail to leave, compared to those making the perilous journey by boat. But thatwould not work nearly as well as it bypasses popular misconceptions.

To link this sad untruth to the Anzaclegend just compounds the damage.

Phillip Armour is upset and disgusted about the Zanetti cartoon in last Friday’s Tribune.

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